Christianson Photography was created by Alan Christianson decades ago, and has been providing artful visuals for corporations and collectors ever since.

Alan brings a fresh eye and a creative soul to every photograph he takes.  Specializing in corporate photography, Alan has created beautiful wall art, photography for use in social media and on websites, and has produced professional head shots for many different corporate clients.

As the former owner of Atmosphere art gallery in Cleveland, Ohio, Alan also has an uncanny ability to produce photographs that art collectors covet for their own personal collections.

Finally, Alan also brings an experienced eye to event photography, having served as the photographer for Duran Duran during their 2003 Reunion Tour.


Christianson Photography provides the following services:


Corporate Photography                                           Event Photography

   Wall and Office Art                                                      Concerts and Festivals

   Company Event Visuals                                               Parties and Celebrations

   Social Media and Website Photography                         Sporting Events

   Professional Head Shots                                              Birthdays and Graduations


Collectible Photographic Art






… and more!

Christianson Photography will work to make creative photographs the perfect way for you to capture the moments that are important to you.